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Q) What makes a LotusGrill® different from other BBQs?

Whereas regular coal BBQs can take about 40 minutes to reach the optimum cooking temperature, the LotusGrill®, with it’s innovative fan system can be ready to cook in 4-5 minutes. The LotusGrill®’s fan is powered by AA batteries (the original set of batteries are included in your purchase price), which means that you don’t require gas or electricity to run your LotusGrill®. The fan can be adjusted which means that you can control and adjust the cooking temperature effortlessly. The LotusGrill® is easy to dismantle and most parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher. A LotusGrill® can be picked up easily, even when lit as the outer bowl will not get hot, and it weighs just 4kg. The airflow system means that because the charcoal burns very quickly, smoke is prevented. LotusGrill® comes in a range of colours, and each comes with its own carrying bag which is included in the purchase price. There are also many accessories and spare parts should you need them.

Q) Why should I use Lotus Grill Beech wood Charcoal, instead of normal (cheaper) charcoal?

The Lotus Grill Beech wood charcoal is a very clean charcoal and it is organically certified.

A very clean charcoal reduces the amount of smoke that a BBQ can generate. We can not

guarantee a smokeless BBQ if you use unclean charcoal.

Q) Is LotusGrill® a healthy option?

Yes, the fat is dispersed from the items being cooked as with most BBQs however due to the design of the LotusGrill®, fat cannot drip onto the charcoal and burn therefore avoiding polycyclic aromatic hrydrocarbons, benzopyrene which can be produced with standard charcoal BBQs.

Q) What is the dial on the side of the LotusGrill® for?

Due to it’s innovate design the LotusGrill® has an internal fan which draws air inside speeding up waiting times and reducing smoke. The fan is battery operated and the temperature of the LotusGrill® can be changed by using the dial, thus helping eliminate food burning as can happen with conventional BBQs.

Q) What batteries do I need to use?

The LotusGrill® runs on standard 4 AA Alkaline batteries and a set of the batteries are supplied with the initial purchase. The quality of your batteries depends on the running time of your batteries.

Q) How long do the mesh containers last?

These mesh containers are the part which hold the charcoal and so these are put under considerable amounts of high heat. The mesh containers should last a long time however should you need to replace them; this is a spare part which can be purchased. Please note that the inner mesh container is considered a consumable part and therefore should it need replacing due to wear, this would not be covered by the one year warranty.

Q) Can I get spare parts?

LotusGrill® offer many spare parts including the inner mesh container, replacement bowls, grills and Fan electric. There are also lots of other accessories available.

Q)Where else can I use it?

As the LotusGrill® is so lightweight and easily transportable it can be used anywhere you want, from your house to a boat, on the beach, on your balcony or at a campsite. The LotusGrill® comes complete with its own carry bag making it even easier to take wherever you want to use it.

Q) How do I assemble my LotusGrill®?

The LotusGrill® is preassembled however you do need to remove any protective packaging. Before your initial use you will need to insert the batteries provided into the compartment on the base of the LotusGrill®. Please follow full instructions in the instructions manuel.

Q) What Charcoal does it use?

We recommend the Lotus Grill Beech wood charcoal which can be purchased directly from us. The better the quality of the charcoal the better the taste and the lower the amount of smoke will be produced. LotusGrill® does not recommend bricketts as the LotusGrill® was designed to be used with charcoal.

Q) How do I light my LotusGrill®?

Inside your LotusGrill® there is a lighting plate underneath the charcoal inner mesh container; squeeze a small amount of fuel lighter gel onto this plate. Switch on the fan, on your LotusGrill® and light the gel, then place the filled charcoal container on top. Lighting gel is available from us, as well as general hardware stores and BBQ stockists.

Q) When I light my LotusGrill®, there is some smoke. Is this normal?

Sometimes there can be dust residue on the charcoal which might create a small amount of smoke to start with. As soon as the LotusGrill® has settled down there will be virtually no smoke, hence the LotusGrill® has been called the ‘smokeless grill.’ It is possible you will find that fatty foods can cause a quick puff of smoke however this will be short-lived and minimal. If you clean your LotusGrill® regularly this will reduce the risk of fat flare-ups.

Can I top up the charcoal internal container while it is cooking?

You can top up the charcoal basket whilst your LotusGrill® is cooking so long as you turn down the fan and remove the top of the mesh container using suitable implements. Once the top is removed add some charcoal pieces and then carefully reassemble, turn the fan up again and after three minutes the LotusGrill® will be ready to continue cooking at your optimum temperature. Refilling the charcoal pieces will significantly lengthen the duration of the cooking time.

Q) How long does the charcoal last for inside my LotusGrill®?

This will partly depend on the fan setting but one basket of charcoal will usually last for about 40-45 minutes of cooking time. You can extend this by adding charcoal.

Q) What do I do with the charcoal after I have finished cooking?

You can either leave the fan off until the charcoal has burnt itself out (leaving the fan on speeds this process up).

Q) How do I clean my LotusGrill®?

The LotusGrill® is easily disassembled and once excess fat has been removed both the grill plate and inner bowl can be placed in a dishwasher or hand washed. As the LotusGrill® is stainless steel avoid using abrasive implements as these might scratch the BBQ. If your LotusGrill® has a stubborn stain on it you can either soak overnight or use a metal polish product.

Q) How often should I clean my LotusGrill®?

We would strongly suggest that you clean your LotusGrill® after every use to avoid fat and fluids being baked onto the grill and therefore becoming harder to remove later. The LotusGrill® has been designed to use reflective heat therefore if the bowl isn’t clean it will not work to its best possible standard.

Q) Can I clean my LotusGrill® when it’s in use?

No, you must wait until the LotusGrill® is cool.

Q) What can I cook on a LotusGrill®?

You can cook any food you would normally cook on a regular BBQ on your LotusGrill® including sausages, burgers, steaks, seafood, vegetables and many more.

Q) How long does it take to cook food on a LotusGrill®?

This will vary depending on what you want to cook and the thickness of the food however the amount of time taken is generally consistent with the amount of time any charcoal BBQ takes to cook.

Q) On the LotusGrill® there is a small metal hotplate in the middle, can I cook on this?

Yes, this can be cooked on and as the hotplate means that fat cannot drip inside this part, this will help eliminate smoke.