The Lotus Grill is compact, lightweight, and extremely speedy, the Lotus Grill will change your BBQ experience. From lighting to cooking, this grill takes about 4 minutes to heat, and cooks for about 40-45 minutes on just one basketful of charcoal.

The portable BBQ that can be carried in a specially designed carry bag:

  • Arrives at the cooking temperature in a fraction of the time of a conventional barbecue, due to the battery powered fan in the base which directs air at the coals, speeding up heating time, and allowing you to control the cooking temperature

  • Low smoke BBQ, means cooking in confined spaces is much easier

  • Perfect for cooking on balconies, decks or yachts, because of low smoke, lightweight construction, and cooler body

  • Excellent safety features, such as the locking grill, which keeps the charcoal bucket in place, ensuring that no hot coals can fall out, even if the grill is overturned. Perfectly safe to use on a yacht or boat


  • Fire gel: Any fire gel can be used to light the Lotus Grill. However, do not use highly fluid fire lighter.

  • Charcoal: The Lotus Grill should use the recommended Lotus Grill beech wood charcoal, rather than briquettes or cheaper charcoal, which will cause smoke.

  • Batteries: the fan requires 4 AA batteries to operate, which are included.